Giovanni Lauffer


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Cameron Williams
Cameron WilliamsGame Designer at Infinity Ward | Formerly Rockstar Games
Prior to beginning my time at Rockstar, I acted as producer for Giovanni, providing him with ongoing tasks and critique. Giovanni has a striking mindset of, "what's next" and was always extremely enthusiatic in providing high quality assets for TimeSplitters Rewind with a strong diligence not often found among other prop and environment artists. He would always run with critique and go above and beyond the expectations of the team to the point where we put him on the highest quality hero assets, trusting him with some of the most commonly viewed props throughout the game. I highly recommend Giovanni from my time managing him and think he'd do great in any studio!
Willem Kranendonk
Willem KranendonkLevel Designer at Zynga | Formerly EA Velan, WAYFORWARD, and TIC TOC GAMES
Giovanni is a incredible person as well as a passionate developer. He is an adaptable artist who works well with others and strives to be a better one every single day he works. Giovanni has a big heart for people and as a result is a very good communicator in the field he desires to excel in. I have no doubt Giovanni would be an excellent addition to any company he desires to work in. You will not only get a strong and passionate artist but you will also get a good person.
Samuel Freeman
Samuel FreemanCharacter Artist at Bulkhead Interactive & Cinder Interactive
I highly recommend Giovanni for his exceptional work and continuous improvement during his time on the TimeSplitters Rewind project. Giovanni not only demonstrated a strong work ethic but also a remarkable ability to handle critique effectively. He proactively communicated with the team, promptly addressing any concerns or seeking guidance on specific assets. Giovanni's dedication, receptive attitude, and effective collaboration make him a valuable asset to any creative endeavor.
Rutgher Jousma
Rutgher JousmaCGI Developer at LUKKIEN
Giovanni is a great co-worker with a strong drive to learn. He likes to perform and get things done.